OnDonneDesNouvelles and the GDPR

Whati s the GPDR ?

Regulation (EU) 2016/679, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a European Union regulation, which is the reference text for personal data protection. It strengthens and unifies data protection for individuals within the EU.

The main objectives of the RGPD are to increase both the protection of those affected by the processing of their personal data and the accountability of those involved in this treatment. These principles can be applied through the increase d’is that regulators have increased power.

OnDonneDesNouvelles and the GDPR

  • We only collect the data necessary for the platform to function properly
  • Data are stored on secure servers in France
  • We do not sell or rent any of your personal data
  • You can get data about yourself on request
OnDonneDesNouvelles was GPDR compliant even before GPDR was set up !

In fact, we have always followed these principles since our creation, that is why over 50.000 classes have been using our services for many years.
Privacy policy

We pay particular attention to the respect and security of the data entrusted to us by the users with whom we work on a daily basis.


We are committed to giving you all the information about the processing of your data.

Servers in France

We are committed to hosting your data in France according to strict security protocols, with serious and professional subcontractors.

Using data for a specific purpose

The personal information collected is intended exclusively for OnDonneDesNouvelles and will not be sold or disclosed to third parties (except at the request of the judicial authorities).

Access, modification

We are committed to making it easier to view, modify or delete your data at any time.

Right to be forgotten

We are committed to permanently erasing any trace of data at any time upon request.


We are committed to exporting your data so that it can be transferred to a third party if you request it.
Secure data

Since the creation of OnDonneDesNouvelles, your data security has been at the heart of our concerns, and we are constantly improving all our systems.

Your invoice

Firewall and DDOS protection (denial of service)
Exchanges between servers by VLAN (private network)
Isolated web databases
Regular updates to our software components
Access administrators by SSH keys
Monitoring and logging

Our applications

End-to-end encrypted connection with TLS
One-way encrypted passwords (Bcrypt)
End control of access to spaces
Using tokens against XSRF attacks
XSS entries filter and SQL injections
Automated deployment (no server access for developers)

Our procedures

Daily backups
Secure data
Principle of lesser privilege
The whole team was made aware of safety
Providers offering the best guarantees
Where is your data

We take the utmost care with the personal data we process and which are necessary for the proper functioning of OnDonneDesNouvelles.

Our policy has always been to collect only the minimum amount of data needed (no superfluous!), to host them in France and to work with reliable partners.

The following map shows the location of data and treatments performed for all of our services:
The data map
Terms of use

The present general terms and conditions of use govern the relationship between OnDonneDesNouvelles on the one hand and the users of the websites referenced under the domain names: (as well as all their sub-domains) on the other hand.

To sum up

  • You undertake to use the site in accordance with the laws in application.
  • We comply with the GDPR and respect your personal data.
  • We guarantee that you will be able to exercise all your rights in relation to your personal data.
  • You are responsible for everything you post on the website and keep intellectual propriety rights.
  • You undertake to publish only content to which you hold the rights.
  • Content submitted by users is not moderated and we are not responsible for any incorrect or inappropriate content posted by users.
  • Any content or graphic elements that have not been provided by a user belong to us or we have the rights to use them, and you undertake to respect their intellectual property.
  • We do our best to guarantee security and availability of the website, but we are only subject to a means obligation.


OnDonneDesNouvelles is a secured online platform, dedicated to schools and organisers of discovery classes and educational or leisure stays. It is open to all members of the educational community, schools and extra-curricular activities, as well as stay centres, associations, local communities or trip organisers.

Once logged in to the platform, teachers, educators, parents, managers and directors can access digital information, content, tools and services relevant to their activity.

OnDonneDesNouvelles allows specifically teachers/educators and trip organizers to access their working tools, from any computer, tablet or cell phone connected to internet, both inside and outside school, trip centre or organizing institution. Parents can find all the information needed about their child's discovery class or stay, as well as ways of communicating with the staff. OnDonneDesNouvelles therefore appears to allow communication between educators and families.

Anyone who visits the site, even occasionally and/or uses the services, is required to comply with the site’s OnDonneDesNouvelles terms of use.

Agreement of the general terms and conditions is confirmed by checking the box "I accept the general terms and conditions of use" when registering. The user acknowledges having read these terms and conditions and accepts them without restriction.

1 - Terminology

  • Website(s) : All the pages, databases and resources (images, sounds, documents, etc.) accessible on the domain names and all their sub-domains. By extension, the expression the Website or Site also designates the legal representative of the site.
  • Service(s) : Without specific mention, defines all the services, functions and tools offered through the websites.
  • User : Any person who visits one or more pages of the websites. Registered Users are users with a personal account.
  • Personal account : To access the various services, the user must create a personal account
  • Diary : safe space for a discovery class, a camp, a group...
  • Access : defines a user's authorisation to access a space. Accesses are classified and offer different rights depending on their type (parent, family, teacher, director, etc.).
  • Administrator : teacher, educator, instructor, camp director or organiser who created the space (discovery class, school trip, sports camp, stay centre etc.). Note that this administrator can invite other users to manage the space with them.

2 - Parents have to register to access the diary (creating a personal account)

By signing up on our website, you commit to provide valid information.

When registering, users are asked to enter their email address, surname and first name and to choose a personal password. Users are asked to check their details regularly in their personal account and to change them if necessary. Users must not share their password with any third party. Failing this, OnDonneDesNouvelles cannot be held responsible for unauthorised access to a personal account by a third party.

3 - Access to a space

The discovery class/stay diary is protected by an access code, so that only the families of the children in the class/stay can access it, by registering it in their personal space. This access code is given by OnDonneDesNouvelles to the administrator when the diary is created. They can then share it with the people to whom they wish to give access to their space. In the administrator's area, the teacher/educator can see which users have joined the space.

To access the OnDonneDesNouvelles website as a teacher/educator or stay organiser, you must be a teacher, educator, instructor, camp director, association supervisor, or director of a centre, organization, association, or the person in charge of a trip in a local community. You must also agree to provide information, such as your name, surname and email address, the name and address of the school/institution, your class or group, the name and dates of the stay. You also have to communicate the name and address of the host centre, and for organizations their name and address, as well as the name, e-mail address and telephone number of the person in charge.

To access the website as a family/parent, you need an access code given by a teacher, educator or organization, known as the "administrator" of a diary.

4 - 😃 Your personnal account

Any user can request the deletion of their personal space using the contact form available in the help centre.

OnDonneDesNouvelles reserves the right to delete any personal account of a user who has failed to comply with the general terms and conditions of use, particularly if they share false, misleading or fraudulent information or if the personal space has been inactive for at least 1 year. The deletion of a personal account can not constitute a fault on the part of OnDonneDesNouvelles nor cause damage to the excluded user. The excluded user can not be entitled to any compensation as a result. This exclusion is without prejudice of the possibility for OnDonneDesNouvelles to take legal action against the excluded user if the facts so justify.

5 - The data map

OnDonneDesNouvelles is concerned about the privacy of its users and therefore guarantees the confidentiality of the data transmitted to its system. The personal information collected is processed exclusively to respond to your requests and to execute the services for which you provide this data.

Under Article 30 of the RGPD, the OnDonneDesNouvelles Data Protection Delegate has created a regularly updated processing register. This registry is part of the documentation of our RGPD compliance. Indeed, it identifies and analyzes the processing of personal data that we collect in the context of the production of photo books.

In accordance with the « Computer and Freedoms » law, the treatment of personal information by OnDonneDesNouvelles was the subject of a declaration to the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms (CNIL) under the number 1453244. This data can be changed by the user as much as he wishes.

OnDonneDesNouvelles also retains the data of its users in order to send them information about services and products related to the services and products it has provided to them. You can refuse to receive such information at any time by simply sending an email.

You have the right to contact OnDonneDesNouvelles to obtain a copy of your personal data in its possession or to modify or delete it. In this case, you can request using the contact form available in the help centre or by mail (OnDonneDesNouvelles, 25 avenue Joseph Ricordel, 35600 Redon, France).

By browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies that allows you optimal navigation.

Data for logbooks created by teachers/supervisors is protected by access codes that only the administrator of that log has. The teacher/supervisor/organization code allows him to complete this journal and he can disseminate the parent/pupil codes to the families to whom he wants to give access to his newspaper.

OnDonneDesNouvelles commits to keep all data required to consult the diary of the discovery class or stay for 12 months after the end of the stay. After this period, access to the diary will be automatically disabled and files will be destroyed. Only files linked to ordered photo books are kept for a further 6 months, to allow possible reprints.

However, OnDonneDesNouvelles undertakes to destroy all the data in a diary or space at any time during the year, at the request of the administrator who created and completed the space. In this case, you can request using the contact form available in the help centre or by mail (25 avenue Joseph Ricordel, 35600 Redon, France).

6 - Code of conduct

We want the use of our services to be pleasant, secure and widely open to children. Therefore, we require that all users of the platform and/or services agree not to use them to download, store and share any content (photos, comments, messages) that is illegal, and more generally for any use that is contrary to applicable law or morality, in particular :

  • any content that is abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, offensive or inappropriate;
  • elements or content covered by an intellectual and/or industrial property right without the express consent of its holder;
  • Items or content in violation of a third party’s right
  • items that contain viruses, worms, faulty files, Trojans and/or any form of code or content that may compromise the site and/or services;
  • Content that supports illegal activities;
  • any connection to those mentioned above.
You hereby allow OnDonneDesNouvelles to monitor any content at any time, to decide whether it is unlawful, and to remove it without notice and at its own discretion, without this being considered an incumbent obligation.

Beyond the above, when you access the site and services, you recognize and accept that any content that is addressed and stored on the site is the sole responsibility of the person addressing it and/or retaining it,(either the owner of the teacher or principal access code). In other words, you are responsible for any content you submit. Under no circumstances can OnDonneDesNouvelles, including its officers, agents, employees, affiliates and representatives, be liable for any request of any kind, direct or through services, including errors or omissions, losses or damages suffered or resulting from the use of such content.

By posting messages, users of the site accept the code of conduct laid down by OnDonneDesNouvelles and set out above. If users fail to comply with this code of conduct or behave in a manner contrary to the interests of the community of users of the diary, OnDonneDesNouvelles reserves the right to deny them access to the diary and, if necessary, to lodge a complaint with the competent authorities.

7 - Post content

OnDonneDesNouvelles is managed collaboratively by a team of professionals, who convince disbelieve the benefits of digital in learning, bring all their skills to the realization of this tool. This team exchanges and enriches each day with the experience of users and the knowledge of the educational teams.

Our website and mobile applications are completely free. The mobile application is exclusively reserved for teachers, educators and holiday organizers, it is not intended for families.

In the journal, the administrator has a publication space where they can post text and photos, as well as attach documents and external links. At the end of the stay, OnDonneDesNouvelles offers supervisors and families the option to keep all or part of the photos published during the discovery class or stay.

This also makes it possible to cover the costs of the site and to ensure its development.

This purchase, available in the form of photos and photo books, is made up from all or part of the photos posted on the diary by the administrator. The layout is up to the administrator. Purchase by families is optional.

The teacher indicates that there is an opportunity for families to acquire this memory if they wish. Data is then informed by users during a production request to enable our team to process it and ensure delivery.

In addition to financing the platform's development, photo books are an excellent way for children to remember what they've learned and the highlights of their discovery class or stay. They can put into words the different experiences they've had. It is also a great way for families to share activities organized by the school, a school association, an extracurricular association, a sports club, a cultural or a vacation organization. It is also a highly representative and rewarding tool for the work accomplished by the staff during the stay.

8 - Liability limitations

Users undertake, in accordance with the user charter, to comply with the existing legislation (Article 462-2 to 462-9 of the Penal Code) and the rules of good conduct in the use of digital means of communication and publication.

OnDonneDesNouvelles, including its officers, agents, employees, affiliates and representatives, cannot be held liable for any indirect, direct, particular, incidental, immaterial or punitive damages, data, occurring or related to the software, caused by incorrect or incomplete information in the service, a lack or lack of functionality of the service, unauthorized use of hosted data or any other service-related circumstance that may result in financial loss, damages and/or inconvenience to the customer or third parties, even if OnDonneDesNouvelles has actual or imputed knowledge of the possibility of such damages and whether or not it was Predictable.

OnDonneDesNouvelles cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect losses incurred by the user due to the unavailability of the service (partially or in full) as well as the reduction of response times, technical causes or Other.

OnDonneDesNouvelles cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringement of a third party in connection with the provision of information in or through the service by the customer.

9 - Changes to the terms and conditions of use

The present general terms and conditions of use may be edited by DES IMAGES ET DES MOTS at any time and without prior notice.

The User is therefore invited to regularly consult the latest updated version, which is available to all and can be accessed at all times on all pages of the site by clicking on the "general conditions of use" tab.

The updated general terms and conditions of use will take effect as soon as they are posted online, and will then be applied by operation of law.

The latest valid version of the general terms and conditions of use is that of 23 November 2022.

10 - Edit file property

OnDonneDesNouvelles owns full intellectual property on the OnDonneDesNouvelles service and related services (website, documentation, training materials, app …).

The content (texts, logos, images, diagrams, etc.), the software and structure of the site and the All OnDonneDesNouvelles App are protected by copyright and database law. Any full or partial representation or reproduction made without the Consent of OnDonneDesNouvelles is a violation of Books I and III of the Intellectual Property Code and may be subject to prosecution. The same is true for translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any art or process.

You agree not to duplicate, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or operate any or all of the services, the use of services or access to services for commercial purposes.

11 - Validity-Jurisdiction

If one or more stipulations of these terms and conditions of use were declared invalid under a law, regulation or final judicial decision, the other stipulations would retain their full value.

The non-application by OnDonneDesNouvelles of any of the stipulations of these terms and conditions of sale does not, on the part of OnDonneDesNouvelles, waive it at any time and does not impair the validity of any part of these conditions.

Any potential disputes will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Rennes courts unless OnDonneDesNouvelles prefers to refer the matter to any other competent court.

Last updated on November 23, 2022